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Customised Research Solutions

Altitude has a team of award winning consultants that can provide bespoke solutions across a broad range of research and/or technology disciplines. We are here to help you with any information or market intelligence challenge facing your organisation. 

Our focus on each project is to deliver simple, innovative and actionable outcomes.

We pride ourselves on delivering highly visual reports, sometimes using dashboards or infographics ensuring that deliverables engage both clients and their internal stakeholders.

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Syndicated Research

Learn what successful travel organisations have in common and how innovation has helped grow their earnings. Understand what C-suite leaders consider to be the key issues impacting the future of our industry, and how we need evolve to address these challenges. 

Syndicated research involves a group of like-minded organisations coming together to share their collective perspective on a range of issues critical for specific segments within the travel industry such as carriers, airports, destination marketing, product and service mixes.

Participants are normally C-suite level senior managers, who have an in-depth understanding of key issues impacting their own organisations and the segments being syndicated.

The findings from the study are aggregated and completely anonymous. Each participant receives a report comparing their views personal versus the industry average of their peers.

Individual responses are never revealed to anyone else, thus safeguarding the information provided by that individual/organisation, as well as ensuring they can supply candid answers to important industry questions.

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Market Recovery & Traveller Volume Forecasting

Accurately predict shifts in emerging passenger travel patterns. Use this knowledge to refine or completely redefine business strategies and marketing campaigns to optimize market share growth and/or return on investments.

Our proprietary forecasting engines combine airline bookings, socio-economic and global monetary factors, along with the impacts of traveller and business sentiment to produce traveller forecasts that exceed any known accuracy of our competitors.

Our statisticians use advanced analyses in conjunction with machine learning to continually refine the accuracy of modelling to ensure that our clients can commit to decisions with confidence knowing that they are using the most advanced forecasting solution on the market.

The accuracy of our model has been validated by an independent assessment.  

In partnership with TravelSky Technology Limited (China), the dominant provider of information technology solutions for China’s aviation and travel industry representing the world’s largest growth inbound market, we are able to offer the most comprehensive source of processed Chinese traveller data and analyses in addition to traditional global markets.

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Product Mix & Price Modelling

Improve the take-up rate of tour additions, inflight travel services and hotel products. Determine the ideal price points and bundles for meals, drinks, comfort and entertainment offerings to maximise profitability.  

Traditional quantitative research methodologies are not suited to this task. To solve the challenge, we use a suite of advanced statistical research techniques such as Conjoint Analysis more commonly known as Trade-Off Analyses.

Conjoint Analysis is concerned with understanding how people make implicit choices between products or services so that businesses can design new products or services that better meet customers’ underlying needs.  

The ultimate objective of conjoint analysis is to determine what combination of product attributes, such as price, brand or quantity is most influential on respondent choice or decision making thereby maximising sales.

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Marketing & Advertising Optimisation

In partnership with Travel Audience, an Amadeus company, we offer the world’s leading data-driven advertising platform.

This data-driven travel advertising platform leverages machine learning to identify when people search for trips, when they book and above all, when it makes sense to show them advertising from our clients.

Using the creation of digital footprints of known travellers monitored across the duration of an online campaign we learn the optimal time and advertising creative(s) to be shown in order to generate sales.

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Market Benchmarking & Monitors

Benchmark the propensity of travellers to visit your destination, product and/or service. Determine what are considered to be the relative strengths and weaknesses versus your key competitors, then track how these factors change over time as you implement new strategies and/or products to enhance product offerings.  

Monitoring or tracking research is an effective way for organisations to continuously monitor how they are performing in a market, how the market perceives their brand or how external market factors are changing to be more agile and responsive.

Altitude has developed proprietary monitors in the areas of:

– Consumer attitude and behaviour trends

– Customer and client feedback-

– Advertising tracking

Where appropriate we deliver monitoring results through state of the art data visualisation dashboard platforms to give our clients more control over how they engage with their results in a more interactive an intuitive way and/or traditional reporting mechanisms.

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Market Intelligence Integration

Integrate data sources from across your organisation to provide a single source of key metrics. Supplement your own internal data with relevant external data feeds and/or primary market research to build a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the key drivers for your organisation or destination.

Our team of consultants integrate big data, Artificial Intelligence modelling and traditional market research methodologies to create detailed consumer and client insights.

Market intelligence analyses can be delivered via a web-based dashboard portal and/or in a more traditional written report or presentation format.

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Advertising Development

Fuel brand performance through a simple, quick and cost-effective copy testing framework that can be used to inform and track advertising development performance.

Our methodologies can assist clients and creative agencies in the development of advertising that is differentiated from the competition leaving a long-lasting impression for any advertised brand.

Deliverables from our team is highly diagnostic in nature providing the most simple, intuitive & flex advertising tool on the market. It is fast and no fuss based on brief.

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Technology Development

Altitude is a technology driven company. We have invested significant resources to ensure that we have the expertise and internal capability to apply bespoke and/or market available technology solutions to the problems our customers face solved through market research.

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China Traveller Data & Analyses

In partnership with TravelSky Technology Limited (China), the dominant provider of information technology solutions for China’s aviation and travel industry, Altitude offers the world’s most comprehensive source of processed Chinese traveller data and analyses.

Client & Industry Recognition

We have won awards for the commercial effectiveness our work in APAC and across the globe. We have helped our clients to develop game changing products that have had a significant impact on their profitability.

“I have no hesitation in recommending Altitude. I have worked with the team at Altitude for 20 years and they still surprise me. What I enjoy is their focus on actionable insights that lead to growth project by project. They are excellent strategic thinkers, but practical when it comes to execution. They don't sell products; they uncover how to drive value.”

Director – Marketing Destination Organisation

“Over my journey I have come across many so called professionals that ‘talk-the-talk’ but don't necessary ‘walk-the-walk’. Altitude in my opinion is one of the best I have had the privilege to work with. Ultimately the results that they present makes my job easier, which in turn certainly has brought rewards to the clients we have worked with together.”

Director – Brand Strategy and Communications Agency

“I recommend their strong strategic focus, insightful commercial acumen and valuable analytical skills. They are very easy to deal with and understand the importance of long-term client relationships.”

National Head – Multinational Organisation

 “Honest and sincere is the first words that come to mind. I am impressed with their forward-thinking, motivation and intelligent manner. Their ability to listen and understand client needs was unlike I've seen before. I always enjoy listening to them discussing business strategies and have even implemented some in my personal life. They would be an asset to any company and resource.”

General Manager – Multinational Retailer


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