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We are an internationally acclaimed Travel & Tourism consultancy firm, that uses industry big data sets, AI capabilities, proven forecasting methodologies and traditional market research techniques to help our clients differentiate their brands in a crowded marketplace.

Our Products

Use Cases

Melbourne's skyline at dusk.

Our Products

Fuji mountain and cherry blossoms in spring, Japan.

Why Us?

Use Cases

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Repeated Traveller Visitation

We aide in the development of marketing strategies and promotional campaigns to enhance traveller loyalty, and therefore generate a greater share of repeat visitors or product usage.

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Traveller Acquisition

We help understand the brand strategies and product attributes that a destination, airline, accommodation or tourism provider needs to promote in order to attract new travellers, especially for growth industry segments whereby having a concise, understood and clearly differentiated product offering is critical for success.

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Target Chinese Traveller Segment

We provide the most accurate, comprehensive and insightful intelligence on Chinese traveller movements, the largest and fasting growing outbound traveller segment in the world.

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Traveller Brand Switching

We provide clear direction on the primary motivations, triggers, product enhancements, areas of competitive differentiation and brand messages required to convince travellers to switch their loyalty away from competition destinations, products or services.

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Boost Average Spend Per Traveller

We use proprietary models to establish how travellers can be attracted to stay longer and spend more at destinations by airline, accommodation and/or tour providers including encouraging travellers to spend a larger amount on inflight, accommodation and/or tour provider products through better targeted bundles and prices.

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Traveller Retention

We determine the drivers of traveller loyalty, thereby identifying which specific products and/or services are the most important elements in maintaining a perceived competitive advantage, in order to promote customer retention.

Our Clients + Partners


Client & Industry Recognition

We have won awards for the commercial effectiveness our work in APAC and across the globe. We have helped our clients to develop game changing products that have had a significant impact on their profitability.

“I have no hesitation in recommending Altitude. I have worked with the team at Altitude for 20 years and they still surprise me. What I enjoy is their focus on actionable insights that lead to growth project by project. They are excellent strategic thinkers, but practical when it comes to execution. They don't sell products; they uncover how to drive value.”

Director – Marketing Destination Organisation

“Over my journey I have come across many so called professionals that ‘talk-the-talk’ but don't necessary ‘walk-the-walk’. Altitude in my opinion is one of the best I have had the privilege to work with. Ultimately the results that they present makes my job easier, which in turn certainly has brought rewards to the clients we have worked with together.”

Director – Brand Strategy and Communications Agency

“I recommend their strong strategic focus, insightful commercial acumen and valuable analytical skills. They are very easy to deal with and understand the importance of long-term client relationships.”

National Head – Multinational Organisation

 “Honest and sincere is the first words that come to mind. I am impressed with their forward-thinking, motivation and intelligent manner. Their ability to listen and understand client needs was unlike I've seen before. I always enjoy listening to them discussing business strategies and have even implemented some in my personal life. They would be an asset to any company and resource.”

General Manager – Multinational Retailer


Mark Ludtke

Executive Partner
M: +61 419 232 565
A: 51 Goldhill Plaza, #07-10/11, Singapore 308900
E: mark.ludtke@gtsaltitude.com
W: gtsaltitude.com

Neil Stubbings

Executive Partner
M: +61 432 677 344
A: 365 Little Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
E: neil.stubbings@gtsaltitude.com
W: gtsaltitude.com

Tiago Relvão

Director Brand Strategy and Business Development
M: +66 65510 1431
A: 51 Goldhill Plaza, #07-10/11, Singapore 308900
E: tiago.relvao@gtsaltitude.com
W: gtsaltitude.com

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